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Pandemic Pre-Planning FuneralPart 2 of a 2-Part Series

This week, we conclude our two-part series about pandemic pre-planning. To read part one, click here. We started the series because we have recently fielded numerous calls from people who are concerned about repercussions of COVID-19 relative to their end-of-life planning. One way to make sure you take care of your family is with pre-planning. The process is simple. Just take time to think about – and record – your end-of-life desires. It’s a thoughtful gesture to those you love, and an easy way to let go of anxieties about the future. Once completed, the plan will help you relax, knowing that your plans rest in the hands of friends and family.

Pre-Planning: Taking ControlPre-Planning COVID-19 Funeral

Pre-planning makes your wishes known, so your loved act accordingly when the time comes. As referenced in last week’s post, doing so:

  • Pre-Planning is easy

    You won’t need to complete a health questionnaire or submit to a physical exam. Absolutely everyone can assemble a pre-plan. You need not wait for people to return documents to you. We will complete your plan and file it in our office.

  • It educates your family about your wishes.

    Your family members benefit from your decision. So, they won’t have to try to guesstimate while filled with grief.

  • Pre-Planning could protect your family from the ravages of inflation.

    You can choose to pre-pay, covering associated expenses. You can pay all at once or complete an easy pre-payment plan.

Man writing on notebookWhat to Include in While Pre-Planning

Laying the foundation for a well-thought out plan for you or a loved one takes a bit of time. But you will find it worthwhile. After all, your plan sets the stage for a more relaxed and enjoyable life, because you’ll have the peace-of-mind preparedness brings. Here is how to get started:

  • Prepare a contact list of the names of individuals who should be notified in a medical emergency or death.
  • Write an obituary or jot down information you would like included in an obituary.
  • Decide where the obituary and/or memorial information should appear.
  • Choose the type of service you would like. For example, decide about: cemetery lot location; casket type; cremation urn type; vault or sectional crypt; type of service: religious, military, non-denominational, or fraternal; contact details for the funeral home you designate to care for you; pallbearers, music; flowers; scripture or other readings; charity to receive donations in lieu of flowers (if donations are preferred, which organizations or church will benefit from memorial donations in your name); speakers and eulogies.

Pre-Planning Arrangement & DelegationLast Will & testament

The people who know and care about you will be there when you need them. Just provide them with instructions, important financial details, and then relax:

  • Give an Executor a copy of your will. Estate attorneys open safety deposit boxes during the estate settlement process, long after the funeral. Any funeral planning documents therein would not help your executor.
  • Provide your representative with a list of important account information or telephone numbers for retirement plans, insurance policies, investments, bank accounts, safe-deposit boxes, properties, preferred law and accountant firms and mortuaries. Remind your personal representative that someone will need to call the Social Security Administration. If you’re receiving benefits such as those from the Veteran’s Administration, make sure someone contacts that department, as well.
  • Designate a Power of Attorney (POA)
    This will ensure that your loved ones will be able to access proper information in the event of your illness or death. Put a durable POA for health care and a living will in place so that the person you designate will be able to carry out your wishes.
  • Cancel telephone and utilities services, and newspaper and magazine deliveries.
Shocked man

Avoid the shock of rising funeral costs by pre-planning.

Associated Costs

  • Cemetery and memorialization services
  • Funeral arrangements, including clergy, florist and transportation
  • Arrangements for pets to find a new home
  • Contact us for additional information. We will be pleased to answer any questions you may have, without obligation.

Payment Options

  • You need not pre-pay for your plan.

    But, if you so desire, doing so will enable you to lock in today’s prices for cremation/and or burial as well as your memorial. Pre-funding is an option. But it is not mandatory. If you prefer, you can plan without paying in advance. When you choose to pre-fund your final arrangements, we place your money in a state-approved trust account or top-rated insurance company for safekeeping. After your pre-plan is paid for in full, you lock in the price.

  • Your plan will follow you wherever you go.

    No matter where you reside at the time of your passing, no matter which funeral home you choose to work with, if you file it with Foothill Funeral & Cremation, your plan will transfer to any funeral home in the United States. By pre-planning with us, you’re assured that your final wishes are known. This relieves your family of the burden of making difficult decisions, under emotional duress. Through pre-funding your plan, expenses will be covered when you need them to be. That’s guaranteed.

  • red phone "Schedule your appointment today"

    Call today to schedule your pre-planning appointment

    Request a personal appointment.

    Contact Us for an Appointment. Or, record your personal information to be kept on file at Foothill Funeral & Cremation Service. For assistance in completing this online planning process, please contact us by calling (626) 335-0615 or click here to start the online process.

About Foothill Funeral & Cremation Services in Glendora, California

Funeral Home HearseWhen the time comes, if you so desire, we would value the opportunity to help you pre-plan for yourself or a family member or friend. Feel free to contact us now to pre-plan your own memorial or at your time of need (626) 335-0615. We would be happy to discuss your plans on the phone, via email or by text during the Coronavirus pandemic. Our relationship with United Methodist Church and Sacred Heart provide great places for mourners to host funerals and memorials. So, once the lockdown orders are reversed, you will love the grandiose yet intimate settings in both locations.

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