Go Green in Death

A handgun fires the Earth as a bulletAt Foothill Funeral in Glendora, California, we are committed to helping families make informed choices about their end-of-life planning. As we recently celebrated Earth Day, we wanted to take a moment to discuss the importance of choosing environmentally friendly options for your final arrangements. In this post you’ll read about how to “go green.”

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Death & COVID-19

Death & COVID-19COVID-19 currently dominates headlines and preoccupies our thoughts. So, we wanted to devote a blog post to discuss ways to cope with death in the midst of COVID-19. Although people more often consider the topic of death during a pandemic, we have been working in the funeral industry since 1996. So, we spend a great deal of each day thinking about the topic. And here is what we have to share about death & COVID-19: Continue reading Death & COVID-19

Good Dog Grief

Animals are a source of great comfort in time of need. Dogs, in particular, have earned the moniker “Man’s Best Friend,” despite intense competition from cats, rabbits, hamsters, lizards and more. Experts agree that canines possess the unique ability to sense when their masters are troubled. Whether they hear sniffles or see tears, they often run to their owners to offer a lick or snuggle up when the going gets tough. Continue reading Good Dog Grief

Macabre Death Part 2

October Macabre Funeral StoriesPart 2 in our Macabre October Post Series

Since October is arguably the month for the macabre, last week we began our series to commemorate all things creepy, relative to the funeral industry. This week, we follow up with 5 behind-the-scenes scary things you may not know about your local mortuary. (Okay, full disclosure, we confess – not all of the following are creepy or weird. We are, after all, a regular brick-and-mortar Glendora business. And we take our clients and their family’s situations seriously. But since these points are interesting, we decided to include them in this October post. Continue reading Macabre Death Part 2

All About the Job of Funeral Director

Scary Funeral DirectorAs we prepare, as a nation, to celebrate Labor Day on September 3, we wanted to take this opportunity to share everything we love about the fruits of our own labors in the mortuary industry. Does that sound weird? Yeah, we actually like what we do, but not in a creepy-old-timey-mortician sort of way.


Like all professions, mortuary directors encounter our fair share of weirdos. But, thankfully, those are the exceptions instead of the rule. Most people come to us when they are vulnerable and in pain. We count it a privilege to help them migrate the somewhat confusing death profession. And while we love working with people with pre-planning, since those are handled when raw emotions and stress are not at all-time highs, we value working with people at their time of need. Continue reading All About the Job of Funeral Director