Donate Your Body to Science?

Team of surgeon doctors are performing heart surgery operation for patient from organ donor to save more life in the emergency surgical roomDeath, an inevitable reality of life no one escapes. Once we die, people can utilize our bodies as a resource. One available option is to donate your body to science. By doing so, you contribute to the advancement of medical knowledge and research. Another is to donate organs to save lives. However, the decision to donate your body to science or to donate organs should be made only after careful consideration. In this blog post, we discuss.  Continue reading Donate Your Body to Science?

Brain Death

Brain Death FuneralAlthough people often joke about someone being “braindead,” the reality is no laughing matter. Brain Death is described as the total and irreversible loss of all brain function and the circumstance under which the donation of vital organs most commonly takes place. Another, more detailed definition is:

“There is only one kind of death — when one is dead, one is dead — but death can be determined in the two different ways described in the law. A braindead individual who is warm and pink with heart beating and lungs ventilating is just as dead, legally, as an individual whose body has turned cold after the heart has permanently stopped beating.”

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