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Go Green in Death

A handgun fires the Earth as a bulletAt Foothill Funeral in Glendora, California, we are committed to helping families make informed choices about their end-of-life planning. As we recently celebrated Earth Day, we wanted to take a moment to discuss the importance of choosing environmentally friendly options for your final arrangements. In this post you’ll read about how to “go green.”

Go Green in DeathGo Green in Death Funeral

When considering burial or cremation, don’t forget to consider the impact of either choice on the Earth. Traditional burial methods often involve embalming, which uses chemicals that can harm the environment. Similarly, cremation can release harmful gases into the atmosphere if not done with green technology.

Cost Friendly Ways to Go Green

Toxic Chemical - a glowing chemical in a bottle.Fortunately, there are eco-friendly options available for both burial and cremation. One option is a “green” burial, which uses biodegradable materials for the casket, shroud, or urn, and avoids toxic embalming chemicals. Another approach is a natural burial, where the body is buried directly in the ground, allowing it to decompose naturally and provide essential nutrients to the soil.

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For those who choose cremation, it is essential to consider a provider that uses green technology. We are going to be adapting bio-cremation to our services soon. And we work with crematoriums who have updated their equipment to use renewable energy sources such as solar power and have introduced processes that limit the release of harmful gases into the atmosphere. A biodegradable urn is another option for those who choose cremation, allowing the ashes to be buried or placed in a natural area to promote new plant growth.

In addition to these options, there are other ways to reduce your environmental impact when planning a memorial service. For example, you can choose to use reusable or compostable materials for the service, such as plates and cups, instead of single-use plastics. You can also donate to an environmental organization in memory of your loved one.

Eco-Friendly Funeral Options

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In honor of Earth Day on April 22, 2023, consider the impact of your final arrangements on the environment. By choosing eco-friendly options such as green burials, natural burials, renewable energy cremation, and biodegradable urns, you can make a positive difference for our planet. At Foothill Funeral, we are committed to helping you make informed choices that reflect your values and beliefs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about these options and how we can assist you in planning a final farewell that is both respectful to your loved one and kind to Mother Earth.Funeral home interior. Generative AI


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