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Death doulas, also known as end-of-life doulas provide non-medical guidance and support for people approaching death and for their families. A relatively new concept in modern America, a doula helps clients make practical to-do lists and help them check it off. Though the term is relatively unknown, the role is common and has storied roots. In the United States, people are familiar with the term doula, but mostly related to birth. This is unfortunate, since death doulas can serve an invaluable role in the communicates between clients, families, friends, medical professionals, and hospice staff.

Role of the Death DoulaA young woman holding the hand of an old woman in a hospital bed, black and white

The End-of-Life movement may be in its earlier stages. But it is a worthwhile cause. Death (or End of Life) Death has always been a difficult subject for many, particularly Americans. And this is understandable. After all, it is a time of loss. But it is also a time of appreciation, a time of retrospection and the opportunity to share intimately with loved ones. End of Life Doulas serve an integral role in the active dying process by providing essential non-medical support to a dying person and their family. Their primary role is to provide emotional, physical, and psychological support. Their services vary based on the Doula’s experience and background that they bring to their training. This may include education and guidance, as well as compassionate care support in the emotional, spiritual, mental, and practical life domains.

Tiny man entering a mysterious mazeWhat does a death doula do?

  • Death doulas encourage patients to leave a written legacy, such as what they want people to know after they pass away.
  • Although a death doula is not a therapist, they may be an excellent referral source when issues arise which call for grief counseling or other mental health services.
  • A death doula might remind a client of a conversation they had with another loved one during their life who is no longer living.
  • A death doula may become a patient’s best friend at the end of their life.
  • A death doula can help with mindful meditation or prayer.
  • Death Doulas can provide companionship and non-medical services for people who are passing away.

Tailored Death Doula ServicesAdvance Directives Death Doula

Like a birth doula, an end-of-life doula tailors services to each client. Beyond getting wills and advance directives in order, they encourage the dying to reflect on their life. Are there relationships they want to repair? Something they need to say or do before they are gone? Who do they want to see again before they die? If you or someone you love is facing the end of their life, and you want to seek assistance, here are death doula in the Los Angeles area, where our funeral home is located:

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