What Could Kill You Besides Coronavirus

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Coronavirus DeathWith businesses and school shuttering and media outlets covering Coronavirus stories nonstop, it’s easy to get caught up in fear and worry. After all, to date, there have been 244,526 cases of the illness worldwide and more than 10,000 deaths. The United States reports 13,622 cases and 189 deaths. But allow us to allay your concerns.

As funeral directors, we deal with death on a daily basis. And we can assure you that you are far more likely to die from something other than COVID-19 than to succumb to the virus. We don’t share this to make light of the pandemic. We see how serious it is. However, to help stem the tide of public panic, allow us to point out a myriad of other reasons you could pass away:

What Can Kill You Besides CoronavirusCOVID-19 Deaths

  • Cardiovascular Disease

    Nearly one third of all people who die do so because of heart-related issues such as hypertension (high blood pressure), coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular disease (stroke), heart failure and other heart diseases.

  • Cancer

    Coronavirus Deaths CancerCheer up; you could get cancer. (Just kidding. Cancer is scary and no joke! It affects millions of people.) It also contributes to 17 percent of all deaths, worldwide, with 600,000 per year in the United States, alone.

  • Respiratory Diseases & InfectionsSecond Hand Smoke Coronavirus Death

    Almost 12 percent of all deaths result from respiratory ailments. These include diseases which affect the lungs and other parts of the respiratory system. They may be caused by infection, tobacco smoke, or by breathing in secondhand tobacco smoke, radon, asbestos, or other forms of air pollution. Some respiratory diseases include asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pulmonary fibrosis, pneumonia, and lung cancer.

  • Dementia

    Five and a half percent of all people who die do so as a result of dementia. Recent epidemiological studies point to a link between cognitive impairmentand increased risk of all‐cause mortality.
    Dementia Death Coronavirus

  • Digestive Diseases

    Just over four percent of deaths result from digestive diseases which affect the gastrointestinal tract (GI), liver, pancreas, and gallbladder.

  • Neonatal Deaths

    Sadly, 3.19 percent of all deaths occur in patients of neonatal intensive care units. Infant death is especially difficult to comprehend and mourn.

  • DiabetesDiabetes Coronavirus Death

    Type I and II Diabetes claim the lives of 2.45 percent of people. Nearly 30 million people suffer from this debilitating, life-altering condition. And, sadly, 80,000 Americans die from it each year.

Breaking Down Death: Coronavirus

Remaining deaths result from kidney and liver disease, road incidents, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, suicide, malaria, homicide, Parkinson’s, drowning, meningitis, nutritional deficiencies, malnutrition, childbirth, alcohol and drug disorders, hepatitis, fire, conflict, heat or cold temperatures, terrorism and natural disasters. Compare all of the above with the death rate of COVID-19, which experts say is 1.4%. That means that 98.6 out of 100 people will recover even if they catch the novel coronavirus.

Coronavirus Pandemic DeathSo, be encouraged. Even if you catch the Coronavirus, you are very likely to recover. That said, no one gets out of this thing alive. Something will eventually cause your death. In the meantime, enjoy your life. And if you find yourself stressing out over the news, turn off the television and take a break from social media. You may even consider contacting us to pre-plan your memorial, since many people report that doing so grants them a greater sense of control in trying times.Funeral Home Glendora Coronavirus Death

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