Top 5 Christmas Movies that Include Death

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Holiday Movies about DeathFor some unknown reason, more people die around the holidays than any other time of the year. Experts can’t agree about the reason for this phenomenon. But, take our word for it. It’s a thing. In fact, at Foothill Funeral & Cremation, the period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is our busiest time of year. In a previous post, we discussed the trend. Click here to read it. But, if that still isn’t sufficient to convince you, check out the top 10 Christmas movie that involve a death. Weird, right?

Christmas VacationThe Cat in Christmas Vacation Dies

Okay, so it was only the cat. But we include this on our list because this cat didn’t just die, according to Eddie, the character played by Randy Quaid, “That kitty cat used up all nine of its lives.” And, yes, it’s okay to laugh about death. It’s a natural part of life. Get over it.

Jack Frost

Movie Jack Frost Dad Dies SnowmanWe admit, this one is depressing. Although Jack Frost doesn’t die onscreen, his death brings his whole family down during the holiday season. This is also a thing. If you lost someone this year, the holiday season might be tough. But this movie does a good job showing that there is hope after death. In fact, in the afterlife, Jack Frost becomes a snowman. We don’t endorse this particular theology. But it calms down his son. So, whatever works.

Home for the HolidaysPoison Murder Death Movies Holiday

In this made-for-TV movie from the 1970’s, focuses on four sisters going home for the holidays for the first time in years at their father’s request. The reason he invites them? He suspects that his wife is slowly poisoning him to death. Is she really trying to kill him, though, or is this just a ruse to trap the girls in one place? We won’t spoil the fun. But, all the same, we think attempted murder deserves a spot in our holiday death list.

Meet Joe Black

Christmas movie deathThis reimagining of the 1934 classic, Death Takes a Holiday, which is set the night before Christmas. In the remake, a young Brad Pitt plays Joe Black, who ponders his mortality. Although it isn’t technically a Christmas movie, it was released in November of 1998, which places it in the ranks of holiday fare. Since the whole thing is about death, we felt it should earn a spot in our top 5.

Elf Christmas movie Elf Death

Although, admittedly, no one dies onscreen in this holiday comedy, Buddy’s mother, Susan Wells, dies before the start of the film. This leads Buddy to an orphanage and eventually, to the North Pole, where he was adopted. Later, he heads out on a hilarious quest to find his birth father. If his mother hadn’t died, Buddy would never have been adopted by elves. And that would mean no movie. So, death plays a pretty central role to this film, which we are happy to include on any holiday film list.

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