The 5 Best Buried Alive Movies

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Buried Alive Hand from CoffinA common fear many people have about death is that they’ll be buried alive. Television shows, books and movies reinforce the false narrative that this occurs often. Story lines convince us that our chances of experiencing the living nightmare are much greater than reality confirms.

History of Vivisepulture

Known in the industry as “premature burial,” the first confirmed case of unintentional vivisepulture (the technical term) occurred sometime between 1266 and 1308 AD. Upon the reopening of his tomb, the philosopher John Duns Scotus was reportedly found outside his coffin with his hands torn and bloody after he presumably attempted to escape. Another incident is attributed to Alice Blunden of Basingstoke. She claims people buried her alive, not once but twice, in 1674. During the Victorian Era (between 1837 and 1901), body-snatching grew in popularity since fresh cadavers for medical advancement were so rare.

Scary Premature Burial StoriesHand from Ground Buried Alive

Dropped coffins, grave robbers, embalming and attempted dissections uncover other supposed prematurely buried corpses. In fact, Folklorist Paul Barber argued that people overestimate the incidences of unintentional live burial. We concur with his belief that people sometimes misread normal, physical effects of decomposition. However, some patients in the 1890s report the morgueor trapped them in steel boxes after erroneously declaring their death. While that may be true, don’t put too much stock into the declarations. People also report that aliens captured and brainwashed them.

Confirm Death Buried Alive Toe TagWe Confirm Death

For what it’s worth, we make sure every corpse that comes to us is dead. We won’t get into the gruesome details about confirmation. But rest assured, Foothill Funeral & Cremation staff will neverbury or cremate you while you are alive. With the myths dispelled, enjoy this list of the best movies which include scenes about someone being buried alive (unintentionally or otherwise):

  1. The Premature Burial
    You’ve got to hand it to Edgar Allan Poe. In 1962, he was the first to memorialize Expertly handling the material, his work copycat productions. Edgar Allen Poe Crow Buried Alive
  2. Buried
    Ryan Reynolds plays a truck driver in Iraq armed with nothing but a cellphone, lighter, flashlight and a Swiss army knife. He discovers he’s been buried alive and pleads for rescue. We won’t spoil the ending.
  3. Kill Bill
    Most people remember the 2004 bloody Quentin Tarantino film for sword-wielding violence. But the first installment showed Uma Thurman’s character buried alive.
    Kill Bill Sword
  4. The Nun
    A 2018 indie horror film, thismovie features a scene where a Catholic priest is buried at a cemetery while he’s still alive. We make no judgment calls. It’s just creepily entertaining, if you like that sort of thing. Scary Nun Buried Alive
  5. The Revenant
    Few could recover from being left for dead following a bear attack with the savior faire of Leonardo DiCaprio.The Revenant Bear Attack

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