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Mourning Gift Ideas

Christmas Advent calendar for kids. Gifts boxes with numbers and animal illustration for children. Eco friendly christmasMourning the loss of someone close to you can be difficult during this time of year. There are so many feelings and emotions that come with losing someone close to you, but there are also ways to celebrate their memory during this holiday season. Here are some gift ideas for people who are mourning:

If a friend or loved one has lost a loved one, they may be mourning & struggling to find the joy in the holiday season.Gift box kraft png file with romantic, presents for Christmas day or valentine day, package with congratulation, wrapped paper, spring for decoration, copy space, holiday concept.

Each person will grieve in their own way, but you can help your grieving friend or loved one by being sensitive to what they might need. They may want to be with people, or they may not. Maybe they have plans and don’t want you around them (even though it’s Christmas). Maybe the holidays are all about their lost loved one for them, and that’s okay too.

Many mourning people can feel overwhelmed by being around others during this time.

Man depression during christmas holiday and new year dayWhen it comes to the holidays, grieving people can often feel guilty about not being able to enjoy the holiday season. While they have every right to be sad, it’s important that you don’t make them feel guilty for their feelings or actions. Instead, if you’re going to go visit a friend or family member who is grieving, bring gifts that will help them cope with their loss during this time of year.

It’s also important for you as an outsider (particularly if you’re not close with them) not to force yourself on someone who is grieving. You may want to talk or spend time together but if they aren’t in a place where they feel comfortable sharing, respect that need and communicate what kind of support would be helpful instead of pushing yourself on them and making them uncomfortable by insisting on talking about things they aren’t ready for yet.

Plan something special for this person to do on their own terms.Night portrait of a sad woman feeling alone and depressed in winter.Winter depression and loneliness concept

Sometimes, it can be hard to know what to do for someone who is mourning. The person may have lost a job or a relationship, or they may be dealing with the illness or death of someone close.

Whatever the circumstances, remember that you don’t need to plan a grand event—just something special and meaningful for them to do on their own terms. Plan something, they enjoy doing—maybe an activity they haven’t done in a while, or an adventure somewhere new. An extra-special gift would be one that can be done alone; this could be anything from renting movies and making dinner at home together, to going on an overnight hike in the mountains (and spending the night under the stars).

If you’re worried about cost, don’t worry about it! The best gift is often free: invitations are worth more than money; so are acts of kindness!

Christmas gift basket with champagne bottle, decor, gift boxes and fruits. Top view with copy spaceCreate a small gift basket for the person filled with practical items that can bring some comfort during this time.

You can create a small gift basket for the person filled with practical items that can bring some comfort during this time.

  • Include items they can use to help them relax, such as bath salts and candles.
  • Include a note that says. “I’m thinking of you” or “I miss you.”
  • Include a book about grief and loss, or a memorial card.

Make sure you give the grieving person a way out if they need to have some quiet time alone.Time alone to grieve

A grieving person will likely feel the need for quiet time alone, and if you have a spare room in your home, it’s always a good idea to offer it up to them.

Don’t be afraid to bring up the name of someone who is mourning the loss of a loved one.

This is a great time to let them know that you remember their loved one and that you miss them too. Letting the person know they are not alone in their grief can be very comforting during this time. If they need someone to talk to, be there for them! If they don’t want to talk about it, respect their wishes and let them know you are there for them if/when they are ready.

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