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Business, support group and man at the office in depression with supportive colleagues at the workplace. Male employee with mental health problems in divorce, grief or loss with helpful coworkersDeath is tough. And processing grief is difficult. So, when someone you love loses a loved one, you may not immediately know the best way to offer support in their time of need. However, one simple gesture may make all the difference. Consider giving them a gift to show you care. Here are some examples of the best gifts for someone who is grieving.

Blankets Make Great Grief GiftsUnhappy depressed lonely woman sitting in despair under blanket. Sad female character in bad mood suffer from psychiatric problems. Loneliness or depression concept. Flat vector illustration.

Insomnia is a common side effect of grief. So, consider offering your mourning friend or family member a weighted blanket or soft quit. If you can’t be there to hug them yourself, a fuzzy blanket could substitute. People who are grieving often spend a lot of time in bed and sleep on the couch. So, a soft cover can offer support and show that you care.


halloween, holidays and leisure concept - close up of young woman with pencil writing to diary and resting her feet on table at cozy homeWriting records thoughts and feelings during the grieving process in a way that many find comforting. A journal may encourage them to process their emotions in a healthy way. Journaling offers a positive outlet for putting pen to paper that when certain emotions may be too difficult to voice.

Inspirational Books for Grief Gifts

Gifts Books

Do you struggle to come up with the right words to say to someone who is grieving? You may consider buying them a book ono the subject. Many are available via podcast, in case your grieving loved one is not up for a lengthy read. Here are a few suggestions:

Great Grief Gifts: Maid Service Gift Card

Gift Card Maid ServiceOne of the last things someone who is in mourning wants to do is to clean up around the house. A gift card for maid service offers practical help. In lieu of scheduling the service, a gift card affords the recipient the opportunity to choose when they want to redeem the service. This is a great gift for someone with kids. Juggling grief with childcare can complicate grief. So, removing the worry about housework could effectively lighten their load.Maid Service Cleaning Gifts

Potted Plant for Grief Gifts

Flowers brighten someone’s day. But they die. Instead, consider purchasing a living plant. Displaying greenery around the house brings life to a space. However, just be aware that some plants require a lot of attention. So, consider purchasing a hearty plant. For example, succulents love sunlight and you do not need to water them often. Another option is to purchase a memorial tree. This is a great way to honor a grieving person’s lost loved one.

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