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Funeral Home Care PackageAcross the country, COVID-19 restrictions limit the number of people who can attend funeral services. This is especially true in Southern California, where Foothill Funeral & Cremation is located. As a result, we need to adapt and learn how to support people who are grieving, even if we can’t show up in person. Of course, you could always send flowers. But if you want to step away from the norm and make someone’s day, why not put together a grief care package?  Here are several ideas for doing just that:

COVID-19 Care PackageCOVID-19 Care Packages

With hand sanitizer now in ready supply, you may not immediately think to include it in a care package. But many people think that new shortages are on the horizon. So, a great way to meet a practical need that someone who is grieving may not consider is with a gift basket filled with antibacterial spray, Clorox Wipes, toilet paper, paper towels, soap, and face masks. These might come in handy if shortages return. Fill a beautiful basket and include something fun and unexpected, such as potpourri.

Food Care Packages for FuneralsCare Package of Food

Nothing says funeral more than food. People have long baked lasagnas and casseroles to deliver to folks who have recently experienced a loss. But instead of delivering a single meal, why not extend the gesture by putting together a customized package of non-perishable treats? You could even prepare it to go along with the season. With Halloween just around the corner, you could include candy and caramel apples or tiny carved pumpkins. For Thanksgiving, a cornucopia filled with treats might fill the bill. Or, if the death occurs near Christmas or Hannukah, don’t assume the one who is mourning wouldn’t welcome a decorative holiday distraction. Of course, as with any gift, make sure you are sensitive to the person who is grieving.

Books to Show You CareBooks Care Package Grief

Since loss is universal, so is grief. Instead of giving someone a single book on the subject, you could assemble a variety. New York Magazine published an article suggesting 16 popular titles, all of which deal with grief. Among the titles: “It’s Ok That You’re Not Ok,” “Bearing the Unbearable,” and “The Other Side of Sadness.” Giving a stack of books is thoughtful since you may not know which type of mood the reader will be in when he reaches for a paperback to while away the time. Offering a variety, tied up with a pretty ribbon, is a great way to let someone know you care.

Self-Care Package

Self-Care PackageOne of the things that depressed people let slide is self-care. So, put together a simple self-care package to encourage the griever to take care of herself. You could include facial tissues, shampoo, soap, bubble bath, bath bombs, a battery-powered toothbrush, lip balm, perfume, lotion, candles, and nail polish. If you want to indulge them, include a spa gift card.

Kiddie Care Package

Don’t forget about children who have suffered a loss. Although they may express their grief differently than their adult counterparts, they grieve. A care package for kids could include craft kits, games, cards, stress-relief toys like a fidget-spinner or a stress ball, and candy.Care Package for Kids

For other great ideas, check out our online store. While a care package isn’t a substitute for in-person words of support, there are lots of ways to show you care.

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