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Sad Snowman Holiday Grief-Busting TipsIf you lost someone you love in 2019, you may be relieved to usher in the start of a new year. But, at the same time, celebrating anything without the one who died may tie your stomach in knots. Closing the door on beloved traditions may help with closure but might leave you feeling out of place in a world that proceeds as if nothing has changed. So, how should you approach 2020 in a way that allows you to mourn the one you lost while welcoming a new year full of possibilities? Our new year’s gift is a list of four grief-busting tips we’ve discovered along the way. We wish you a very happy new year! 

Set Some Resolutions for Grief-Busting.New Year's Resolutions Grief-Busting Tips

Another grief-busting idea is to set New Year’s Resolutions. Chief among them…resolve not to be sad. Okay, so you probably won’t achieve this. But if you aspire to be less sad than you were in 2019, you will benefit from giving yourself permission to enjoy life. The constant push-and-pull of grief mixed with the necessity to carry on is admittedly taxing. But if you tell yourself to take time to smell the roses, 2020 could offer you more good days than bad. And whether or not you’re in the throes of grief, that’s a good thing.

Grief-Busting by Letting Go.
Let Grief Go

We aren’t suggesting you relinquish the emotional ties you have with someone who has passed. But we do recommend you let go of unrealistic expectations you may have unwittingly set for yourself. Death changes things. Not just for the person who died but for everyone left in its wake. And that is okay. Accept the fact that you may never be the exact same person you were before the loss. You may change in unexpected ways. But that’s okay. Give yourself permission to let grief shape you the way every other experience in life. Doing so is a great grief-busting tip.

Chill Out.Chill Out Relax Grief-Busting Tips

Why not let 2020 be the year you finally learn to relax? Try to be as kind to yourself as you would be to family members and friends. Most of us expect far more from ourselves than we do for everyone else in our lives. And that, to our peril. Give yourself messages of reassurance and love. Employ positive self-talk rather than beating yourself up about every perceived failing. The path to healing is paved with mindful meditation. If you need help finding inner peace, seek solace in spiritual pursuits.

Speak Up.
Grief Tips Speak Out

If you’re down in the dumps, tell someone. While you may expect yourself to handle everything alone, doing so is not only difficult but can be dangerous. The more honest you are about your sadness, the better prepared your circle of friends will be to respond to your needs. If you don’t share your struggles, no one else will know what you’re experiencing.

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