Good Habits to Adopt During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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COVID-19 Coronavirus TipsSince COVID-19 will likely be around for some time, we need to develop healthy habits to keep safe. At Foothill Funeral & Cremation, we’ve developed Coronavirus-specific protocols to keep our employees and clients as healthy as possible. Click here to read our blog post about our COVID-19 Mortuary Practice. As a public service, we have put together some tips to keep you and your family safe in these troubling times:

Flatten the Curve Post ItWhen You Leave the House Amid COVID-19

First, to “flatten the curve,” try to keep trips outside of your home to a minimum. This will not only help others but will reduce your risk of contracting the highly contagious virus. Since most places in Southern California (where Foothill Funeral is located) remain closed, by order of Governor Newsom, there aren’t many places to go. Nevertheless, as of the time of this writing, you can still go to those businesses deemed “essential,” such as grocery stores, pharmacies and some restaurants (to pick up food).    

  • Take a face mask with youFace Mask COVID-19

    Cloth masks only reduce particulates by 2 percent. So, if possible, use a medical mask. But do not rely on the N95 medical-grade variety, which are reserved for healthcare professionals. Once you place your mask on your face, leave it there. Don’t mess with it. The more you touch your face, the greater your risk of infection.

  • Stow hand sanitizer in your pocket or purse to tackle COVID-19

    Sanitizer should contain at least 60 percent alcohol. Use it every time you touch something, if you can’t wash your hands. Although sanitizer remains in short supply, you could make your own with aloe vera gel, isopropyl alcohol and essential oil.
    Hand Sanitizer COVID-19

  • Leave your kids at home while you leave to gather essentials

    In some cases, doing so may be impossible. But if someone else who lives in your home is available to babysit, leave them while you head out for supplies.

  • Bring cough drops with you in case you get a dry throatSneeze Into Elbow COVID-19

    If you must clear your throat while you’re out in public, cover your mouth with your elbow even while wearing a mask, in case droplets escape the facial covering. Failure to do so may agitate members of the general public.

Safer at Home COVID-19COVID-19 Safety at Home

  • Disinfect surfaces around your home, particularly those that you frequently use.
  • Try to get some sun each day. Vitamin D strengthens the immune system. If you’re in an area which requires facial coverings even outdoors, don’t forget to bring your mask if you go for a walk.
  • If you start to develop symptoms, call your doctor immediately. Many health plans now cover telemedicine. So, you may be able to see your doctor virtually, if not in the flesh.

At Foothill Funeral & Cremation, we care about your health and safety!

About Foothill Funeral & Cremation Services in Glendora, California

When the time comes, if you so desire, we would value the opportunity to help you pre-plan for yourself or a family member or friend. Feel free to contact us now to pre-plan your own memorial or at your time of need (626) 335-0615. We would be happy to discuss your plans on the phone, via email or by text during the Coronavirus pandemic. Our relationship with United Methodist Church and Sacred Heart provide great places for mourners to host funerals and memorials. So, once the lockdown orders are reversed, you will love the grandiose yet intimate settings in both locations.

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