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We Love our El Monte CustomersDuring our three-years in business as Foothill Funeral & Cremation Services, we have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of people who hail from small towns and large cities across throughout Southern California. But some call us from out of the state, or even out of the country, to ask us to assist with shipping their loved one’s remains or to help them arrange funerals, memorials, cremations and/or burials. Although Foothill Funeral & Cremation is located in the heart of Glendora, California, near the 210 Freeway, we enjoy close ties with several San Gabriel communities. This blog is a tribute one town in particular, the city of El Monte. We salute the people who make the community great. And check back, since we plan to focus on other San Gabriel cities in future posts.

All About El Monte California

San Gabriel Mountains 4

El Monte is in the San Gabriel Valley. So is Foothill Funeral & Cremation.

  • Just 12 miles east of downtown L.A., El Monte is at the hub of the San Gabriel Valley.
  • The city intersects two major freeways – Interstates 605 and the 10 – intersect
  • The ninth largest city (out of 88) in Los Angeles County.
  • The population is 120,000.
  • Land uses within the 10-square-mile area are divided as follows: 58% residential, 11% retail, 10% industrial, 7% office/retail, and 14% of other amenities.
  • El Monte boasts an ethnically diverse and dynamic population: 72% Hispanic, 18% Asian, and 7% White.
  • El Monte is keeping pace with the growth of the San Gabriel Valley, offering substantial business opportunities and great housing options.
  • The city is working hard to improve the town, in an effort to continue offering residents and visitors an attractive and safe environment.
  • El Monte maintains a reputation as a “business friendly” locale, attracting commercial and retail companies as well as international corporations.
  • Other business tools include professional financing through Grow El Monte, an active Chamber of Commerce, and a Recycling Market Development Zone.
  • Several trade and professional colleges call the city home.


    El Monte is business-friendly.

Upcoming Events 

Memorial Day El MonteMemorial Day
To celebrate the men and women who served the United States and made the ultimate sacrifice, the City of El Monte will host a Memorial Day Ceremony on Monday, May 27 at 9 a.m. at Grace T. Black Auditorium.

Zamora Park ProjectZamora Park Project El Monte
The City of El Monte will renovate Zamora Park, with help from local volunteer residents! Join City staff and the Trust for Public Land to learn about the project, provide feedback, select park features and address any concerns.


Red White and Bounce El Monte June 9

Red, White & Bounce Health & Wellness Fair
Friday, June 7 from 4 p.m. — 8 p.m. at Mt. View Park, at 12127 Elliott Ave.

About Foothill Funeral & Cremation in Glendora, California

Whether you live in El Monte or not, we value the opportunity to celebrate your loved one’s life or help you pre-plan a service for yourself. Feel free to contact us now to pre-plan your own memorial or at your time of need (626) 335-0615. Our relationship with United Methodist Church and Sacred Heart provide great places for mourners to host funerals and memorials.Coffin El Monte

You’ll love the grandiose yet intimate settings in both locations. Also, we specialize in helping with burial arrangements. Foothill Funeral proudly serves the San Gabriel Valley, San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles Basin, Orange County and the Inland Empire. Finally, working in the mortuary industry since 1996, our reputation is one of quality, sincerity and trust. Please allow us to help you at your time of need or in the future. Call today (626) 335-0615 or contact us via email.

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