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Death & the Holidays

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Halloween is one holiday you may have to work through following the death of a loved one.

In this blog post, we cover an important topic relative to grief: death & the holidays. Discussing the topic of death during the holidays may seem unconventional. However, as the holiday season encroaches, we believe that these moments of reflection can offer solace and healing during a time when many are celebrating life, family, and tradition.

The Complex Intersection of Death and the HolidaysBright sun light and bible book silhouette of the Holy Jesus Christ guiding the bright path

The holiday season is a time of joy, love, and connection for most of us. It’s when we gather with our families, exchange gifts, and create cherished memories. But for those who have experienced the loss of a loved one, the holidays can be a stark reminder of their absence.

We want to acknowledge the complex emotions that arise when death and the holidays intersect. It’s essential to recognize that grief doesn’t adhere to a calendar, and it’s okay to mourn during a time that is supposed to be filled with happiness.

Sad mature woman feels lonely and missing her family at dining table on Thanksgiving.Navigating Grief & Death and the Holidays

Honoring Memories When You Encounter Death and the Holidays

One way to cope with grief during the holidays is by embracing the memories of your loved one. Incorporate their favorite traditions, foods, or activities into your celebrations. Lighting a special candle or setting a place at the table in their memory can provide comfort.

If You Grieve because of Death & the Holidays, Reach Out for Support Sad on Christmas. Unhappy, lonely or tired man with with stress, grief or depression. Family fight, loneliness, frustration or money problem on Xmas. Sick person with flu, pain and headache on holiday

Surround yourself with people who understand and support your grief journey. Friends, family, or a grief support group can offer empathy and a safe space to share your feelings.


It’s crucial to prioritize self-care during this time. Allow yourself to grieve and feel your emotions. Don’t feel pressured to attend events or participate in activities that you’re not ready for.

Create New Traditions

pumpkin emotion - isolated sad pumpkin  for halloween decorationIf the usual holiday traditions are too painful, consider starting new ones. It can be a way to honor your loved one while also finding joy in the present.

Seek Professional Help

Grief is a unique and personal experience. If you find that your grief is overwhelming and affecting your daily life, consider seeking the help of a grief counselor or therapist.

Remembering and Celebrating Life

At Foothill Funeral, we believe that the holidays can also be a time to remember and celebrate the lives of those we’ve lost. It’s a chance to acknowledge their impact on our lives and the love that continues to connect us.

Create a MemorialA bouquet of flowers lovingly attached to a park bench. The story behind them is unknown. Are they there as a memorial to a now-gone loved one, or are they left from a wedding photography shoot? You must come to your own conclusions.

Consider creating a memorial space in your home where you can display photographs, mementos, and items that remind you of your loved one. It can serve as a place for reflection and remembrance.

Share Stories

Sharing stories and memories of your loved one can be a beautiful way to keep their spirit alive. Encourage family members to share their favorite stories during holiday gatherings.

Acts of Kindness

Dedicate acts of kindness in memory of your loved one. It could be volunteering, donating to a charity they cared about, or simply spreading love and goodwill to others.

Light a Candle

Candlelit Memory CornerLighting a candle in honor of your loved one during holiday gatherings can be a touching way to include their presence in the celebration.

Set Intentions

Consider setting intentions for the holiday season that are inspired by the wisdom and love of your departed loved one. It can be a way to carry their legacy forward.

At Foothill Funeral, we want you to know that it’s okay to feel a mixture of emotions during the holiday season, especially when dealing with the loss of a loved one. Grief is a journey, and it takes time. Our hope is that by embracing memories, seeking support, and finding meaningful ways to remember and celebrate, you can navigate this complex intersection of death and the holidays with grace and love. Wishing you a holiday season filled with healing, remembrance, and the warmth of cherished memories.

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