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All That Glitters is Not Gold Funerals Cremations BurialYears ago, people opted for cremation to save money. Determined to take the lease expensive way out, these bargain-hunters shopped for bottom dollar urns. But times have changed, and with them, the reasons people choose crazy cremation over traditional burial with embalming and a casket.

Today, motives tend more toward Carbon Footprint Funerals
ecology in addition to economy. They prefer leaving a smaller carbon footprint. But whether you decide to be buried or cremated, the sky is still the limit when it comes to associated options relative to cremation-based ceremonies and final resting places — urns!

Consider These Ceremonies & Cremation Urns:Indian Fancy Funeral Cremation

  • Lavish Do & Cool Urns

    Earlier this week, thousands flocked to a mock palace in Myanmar to dance, sing and pay their final respects at a lavish cremation ceremony held to honor a local celebrity monk. Chinese Lanterns Cremation GlendoraCelebrated in one of the poorest countries in all of Asia, where a third of the country lives in poverty, the ceremony included moving the famous monk’s body from a casket to a crematorium in a room inside his former monastery. As smoke rose into the sky, fireworks exploded over head and attendees released hundreds of twinkling Chinese lanterns. The event is said to have cost a grand total $80,000.

  • Prozac Forever

    The late Carrie Fisher’s urn was shaped like a giant Prozac capsule.

    Princess Leia Carrie Fisher FuneralActress Carrie Fisher, best known for her role as Princess Leia in the Star Wars’ franchise, chose an urn shaped like a giant Prozac pill. Fisher was a mental health advocate who fought depression and bipolar disorder. Some credit her for helping to remove the stigma of mental illness.

  • Severed Head

    We are unaware whether anyone has ordered one of these yet, but severed Head Urns are a thing. These provide a unique way to personalize an urn to look exactly like the deceased! Or, if you prefer, you can purchase someone else’s head, such as Former

    Would you like a severed Obama head for your urn? It’s an option.

    President Barack Obama’s, which sells for $2,600. Instead of requiring a mold from which to cast your severed sculpture, the company uses a simple photograph of the deceased for reference. Each head comes mounted on a marble base with an urn sufficient to store the cremated remains of one adult. And you thought your only option was a ginger jar!

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    The most interesting cremation services gimmick you mentioned here is having fireworks explode in the sky while the smoke from the crematorium rises up in the air as a sign of festive respect for the deceased. This might be an interesting idea that my grandma would appreciate to accompany her being cremated after only one night of visitation and eulogy. This way, she’d be having a really memorable last day while all the relatives say their farewell wishes while the night sky is enveloped by the most fantastic peacock-colored fireworks. This would surely be a fabulous way to say goodbye, but so very much like my grandma’s penchant for the fabulous and one-of-a-kind.

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