Be Thankful You Aren’t Dead

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Foothill Funeral & Cremation Thankful ThanksgivingPeople routinely discuss the many reasons we all have to be grateful each Thanksgiving season. Since our profession places us around death day in, day out, the main reason seems obvious to us. The thing you should most be thankful for? You are alive! But what about if you have suffered the death of a loved one this year? Are you finding it difficult to focus on what you have rather than what you lost?

Here is our Thanksgiving gift to you – designed to remind you of the good things to focus on as you gather around the table.

  1. Be thankful you are healthy. Even if you struggle with illness or disability, focus on the parts of your body that work well. When you’re dead, nothing will work.
  2. Be thankful for people you love and have loved over the years. While time and distance may have impacted your relationships, remember the good instead of focusing on the bad. And we are sincerely sorry if you did lose someone you love this year. Loss is hard, especially during the holidays. Death Loss Burial Glendora
  3. Be thankful you have a job, if you do. Or, if you don’t, be happy that you have free time to relax until you are able (or invited) to work. If you’re reading this blog post, you obviously have time to relax. Let’s face it; this isn’t required reading. So, enjoy.
  4. Be grateful for community. We hope you are part of something bigger than yourself. A neighborhood, friends, church group, family. While you may find lots of reasons for complaining, be glad you have relationships to grumble about.
  5. Be thankful you live in a free country. Not to get political on Thanksgiving. But whatever you think about America, things could be worse. You could live in a communist country or a depressed Third World nation. If you want to make a change, step up!
  6. Be thankful for entertainment. Do you know how many television channels there used to be? Four! And if the president was on, your night was shot. In America, we have numerous ways to kill time. Be glad for the variety of choice.
    Music Be Grateful For Glendora
  7. Be grateful for music. And be glad you live in a time when you don’t have to buy an expensive two-sided LP because you liked one song. You literally have almost limited options for music downloads circa 2018. Enjoy.
  8. Be thankful you can read. Or, if someone else is reading this to you, be grateful you know someone else who can read who is willing to waste his or her time reading you a funeral blog about thankfulness. Laughter is the Best Medicine
  9. Be thankful for laughter. Whoever “they” are, they are right. It truly is the best medicine.
  10. Be thankful you’re alive. Believe us; not everyone is.

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