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Afterlife: What Happens When You Die

Body floating into heavenExistential questions have plagued mankind since the days of Adam and Eve. Working in the funeral industry, we often encounter people who wonder what happens after death. Of course, answers to the question are often tied to religious and philosophical beliefs. While we can unequivocally explain what happens to your body scientifically and practically when it expires, we do not portend to know the answers to the deeper, theological question. But, just for kicks and giggles, here are a few of the most popular opinions about the afterlife:

  1. Fade to Black in the Afterlife

    Twenty-three percent of people reportedly believe that this life is all there is. Once your heart stops beating, you just permanently go to sleep and never wake up. Called Biocentrism, the theory is based on the observation that if you remove everything from space, nothing is left. They believe the same thing holds true for time. You can’t put it in a jar. You can’t see through the bone surrounding your brain (everything you experience is information in your mind). Biocentrists believe that the mind uses space and time as tools for making sense out of life. They believe the afterlife does not exist. Famous for his philosophy about the theory of everything, the late quantum physicist Stephen Hawking now knows whether his theory was right.

  2. Reincarnation in the AfterlifeYoung and Older girl at beach Afterlife

    Nineteen percent of the world’s population ascribes to the theory that souls change from one body to another over the course of limitless lifetimes. The belief in reincarnation is highest in Hungary, where 13 percent believe in multiple lives. The belief is also popular in Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Argentina and Australia. Believers point to feelings of déjà vu as proof that they have lived other existences in previous lifetimes. Many proponents (particularly Hindus and Buddhists) think that the form they take in succeeding lives is a direct result of how they previously behaved.

  3. Afterlife

    Mormon holding book afterlife beliefsWhile specific theories vary as far as entry-points to the eternal, nearly half of the world’s inhabitants say they think there is some form of life after death. Mormons believe that the faithful men will rule their own planets. Christians rely on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as their entryway into the eternal. Catholics put their hope in church membership and faithful service to gain entry into the Pearly Gates.

  4. Beetlejuice

    From the movie of the same name, this theory asserts that everyone who dies lives on in the form of ghosts, in a parallel dimension.

  5. Afterlife in Solipsism

    If this theory is true, you are the center of the universe, which is nothing but the fruit of your own imagination. So, when you die, it will cease to exist.

  6. Muslims & the Afterlife

    Muslim Beliefs People who follow the Koran believe that martyrs who die during a Holy War will be rewarded upon their death with 72 virgins greeting them in the afterlife.

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