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2023 After Death

Foothill Funeral Grief in 2023It can be hard to start 2023 after someone you love dies. Many people find that they need a lot of time to grieve and adjust their lives to the new reality of life without their loved one. This time can overwhelm and lead to loneliness. But rest assured, you can take steps to support yourself as you move forward with your life.

2023: Give Yourself Time to Grieve

Grief is a process, not an event. It takes time to heal. Resist the urge to feel rushed into getting over it. You may need several weeks, months or even years before the pain subsides. Don’t compare your grief with someone else’s. Everyone processes loss differently. No accurate universal timeline exists for healing.

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If you start feeling overwhelmed by the grief in 2023, ask for help from friends or family members. Resist the urge to isolate yourself or neglect your health. Make sure you eat well and get enough sleep. This is especially important if you are responsible for taking care of children or elderly parents.

Don’t Try to Change Everything about Life at Once in 2023

paper planes in a row on blue background and one paper glider going in different direction, breaking new ground and stepping out of the line conceptYou might be tempted to change everything about your life to move on past the pain. Don’t do this! Instead, focus on one thing at a time. Most experts recommend waiting at least a year to make drastic changes after losing someone you love. For example, don’t put your house up for sale or move out of state. If you choose to do so later, that’s okay. But give yourself ample time to grieve.

2023: Let Your Healthcare Providers Know about your Needs Faceless view of senior man talking to doctor in bright light while taking notes on clipboard

Discuss your situation with your healthcare provider. Let them know that you are dealing with grief because someone you love died. In some cases, short-term medications or counseling could help.

Remember the Person who Died During Family Celebrations

Memorial GiftsA ritual is something that happens regularly, usually within or around an important holiday or event. It helps us remember what we value about our lives. And it reminds us of what we’ve lost! Rituals also help us process emotions related to grief. They give us something concrete on which focus our attention. You could create a photo memorial or keepsake box and set it up near decorations. Don’t feel as though you need to ignore the loved one you lost. Instead, include them in the celebration in an alternate way.

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It’s easy for us to get swept up in our daily lives, but now is the time for taking extra good care of ourselves. Taking time for exercise or eating well will help you feel better physically and mentally. It’s also good practice not to skip meals or snacks if possible because this can affect your health negatively later in the year; spending time with friends or family members who understand how you’re feeling also helps too! Try having lunch every weekday afternoon instead of breakfast; maybe even invite some coworkers/classmates along too so they know they’re welcome if they want company during this difficult time.”

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